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Help TakeRoot Justice Build a Just Recovery for New York City

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Building for Change

New York City has been rocked to its foundation since March. As community members and leaders, activists and attorneys, caregivers and volunteers, we are all doing the best we can each day to meet the needs of this moment. Like you, we at TakeRoot Justice understand that there is no return to normal. We are engaged in the hard work of rebuilding our community fabric, our systems of care and justice, and our institutions to be more resilient and equitable.

At TakeRoot, we continue to stand with the most vulnerable communities during the COVID-19 pandemic as they fight to ensure that all New Yorkers still have access to justice. We and our partners are helping essential workers gain access to safety standards and sick leave. We launched a new Response Hotline that is offering support on: evictions and inability to pay rent, public benefits and unemployment benefits, and commercial rent and consumer debt issues.

As a Black-led social justice organization in New York City, we are committed every day to using our hearts, minds and hands to end systemic racism. We know that the socio-economic exploitation of people of color is indelibly connected with the violence experienced at the hands of police as part of a system of racial oppression. Across all of our seven practice areas, the outcomes we work toward are not only to win cases, and seek justice for individuals, and increase capacity for grassroots partners, but also to build structural change that makes New York City a more equitable place to live.
That’s why TakeRoot’s work is more important now than it ever has been.
Building for Change is a new campaign to fuel our work for racial justice and an equitable recovery, with in our virtual event on November 16th, 2020 at the center. But we're not stopping there. Through the end of the year, your gift will be matched!